Spring Tigers

Spring Tigers

Recorded on February 15th, 2011

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My initial impression of the Spring Tigers song featured here, "Come On," was that it-- in small/ amorphous ways, I want to stress-- simultaneously reminded me of two of my all- time favorite songs from two of my all- time favorite bands. This is a good thing. I'll explain.

The main riff shares, for me, a similar guitar tone, and similar, yet not precise, notes with "California Über Alles," by legendary San Francisco punk band Dead Kennedys. Furthermore, the staccato guitar of the verses recall-- again both in tone and in roundabout notes-- "Know Your Rights" from the Clash, AKA "The Only Band That Matters." Admittedly, and importantly, there is not much else that this song has in common besides guitar tone and a smattering of corresponding chords (except for, of course, spirit). This is not pastiche, after all. The song quickly goes its own direction, the propulsive verses giving way to an anthemic chorus. But I'm sold, and I want to hear more*.

(Other than that, my notes simply say "Want to see this live," and "Makes me want to drive fast." And, "Running low on baby wipes, Vitamin D.")

Why do I bring all of this up? Because I hope that it will please bandleader Kris Barratt, who told me, "I'm bored with all of the MGMT / Passion Pit / Phoenix clones... we now have a harder hitting drummer, and changed guitars and amps from all Fender to Gibson and Marshall if that makes any sense. We're a lot louder and more punk rock now."

This is, of course, in response to Barrat's former description of his band as, "Britpop with a little glam and a little electronic." "We're pretty different now... there aren't so many electronic elements," he says. "We played almost everything on the album live and didn't do too much cut and paste this time. On the last record that was almost part of the aesthetic."

"(On the new album,) we've left our mistakes everywhere," he continues. "This time I wanted it to be like the Refused tearing up Katy Perry songs." Or, you know, Dead Kennedys/ the Clash tearing up the aforementioned Ms. Perry.

Let us know what you think.


*Luckily, Spring Tigers are finishing their new album as I type this. Details should be forthcoming.


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