As far as we're concerned, the pure, unprocessed energy of a live performance has been lost in many a studio today. Consequently, we like to think of our studio as a venue: We invite bands that we think are exceptional to come in and we film them playing a few songs live, sometimes even in front of a small audience, with the aim of capturing what these bands do every night on stage.

The creation of this Live Sessions series initially was to showcase how much great music was coming out of Athens, GA that wasn't getting heard. Luckily for us the series has now grown to feature notable national touring acts of all genres.

A note: We hope that you will enjoy performances not just from artists that you already know and love, but from new acts that you're discovering as well-- and that you will support these acts by buying their records and going to see them live. You're undoubtedly aware of the tenuous state so many musicians find themselves in these days, and more than ever Slow Records believes there's a true responsibility we all face to ensure that artists we love are supported sufficiently enough to continue to do that which we're in love with.

Featured Session

Featured Session

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