Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun

Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun

Recorded on April 21st, 2011

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Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun is "a band of four. 2 boys. 2 girls. Noisy. Dancy. Loud. Sincere. Sweaty. Loveable. Hardworking. Fun." 

The two boys are Cregg and Jeremy. The two girls, Lauren and Micah. The foursome played their first show together in July 2007 and have been full bore ever since.

Based out of Atlanta, TTMTTS have just signed to Portland- based Greyday Records, who will be re- releasing their (previously digital- only, Kickstarter- funded) album* WILDFIRE in late November. 

Their interplay is really interesting to me, mixing Fugazi- like guitar lines with synths, pop hooks, and dance beats for a crisp sound that must really kill at (Atlanta institution) MJQ-- or whatever the "new" MJQ is these days (I haven't lived in Atlanta since '06!). 

Ardent road dogs, these guys play 15 - 20 shows a month, all up and down the East Coast. Echoing the timeless sentiments of so many indie acts, Lauren tells me via email, "Touring is amazing, but tough. It's not for the faint of heart. You barely shower, you sleep in all sorts of conditions when you do get to sleep, you get sick, your van gets sick (which is even worse), sometimes your van even gets chiggers! You have to be super smart about your routes, the shows you choose, the bands you play with, and what risks you decide to take. We've been touring full-time for a little over 2 years now completely DIY. We've learned a lot for sure. It's an insane amount of work, but super rewarding. Every time we see our audience grow or get into the music or sing along while we play, it makes it all worthwhile. For every hour spent on the computer, for ever dollar lost that you could have been making at a 'real' job, for every cat nap you have to sneak in as to not pass out before you play at 12am, there's a person we meet who says something incredibly humbling to us about loving our music and we are grateful. It's all about the people we meet, the towns that embrace you as their own, and the other bands who have become our family."

(Additionally, she promises TTMTTS are coming out West so that I can go see them, most likely in the spring, following SXSW.) 

Let us know what you think.


*TTMTTS have also released three EPs.

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