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Slow Records Studios is located in a fully renovated barn in downtown Athens, GA.

The studio — which is comprised of a large tracking room that it shares with the control room — encourages artists to interact when they perform, the one room element facilitating a more "raw" overall feel for the records made there. There are plenty of rooms for isolation, of course, but most of the time we like the bleed.

The tracking floor incidentally extends to a beautiful modern kitchen, allowing artists a place to sit and snack or sip hot tea whiledoing overdubs or otherwise taking a break.

The studio is run by engineer / multi-instrumentalist / all around gear geek C.k. Koch. A committed audiophile and autodidact, Koch has dedicated himself to the virtu of making records. His most notable work thus far has been on Lera Lynn's solo debut, Have You Met Lera Lynn?, which he engineered, co-produced, played drums on, and mixed.

Koch is also at the helm of every Slow Records Session featured on this site, sonically speaking.

Visually speaking, at the helm of every Session is videographer/ editor extraordinaire Brett Vaughn.

A professional freelancer otherwise, Brett has previously worked with such clients as NBC, Brave New Films, FireDogLake, and PBS, among many others.

Brett also directed Lera Lynn's "Bobby, Baby" and "Goodhearted Man"videos.


For the fellow Gear Geeks:

The studio is based around a new AVID Pro Tools HD rig and an 8 core Mac Pro. We employ sixteen channels of stunning preamps made by such boutique manufacturers as API, Wunder Audio, Thermionic Culture, and Vintech Audio. Our microphone selection is full of analog goodness with handmade Tube Mics from Bees Neez & Telefunken, and classic vintage sounding Ribbons from AEA &Royer. We put a really strong focus on building a high quality analog front end to the studio, coupled with a seriously powerful digital backend, making our studio's hybrid setup of the highest order.

At mixdown, all audio passes solely through pristine DA converters by AVID, and is warmed by a Mix Buss of all tube Thermionic Culture gear, giving the audio that mojo that really takes it to the next level. We have pretty much every plugin there is, but we stress that there are only a couple that are worth a damn. That being said, rest assured that we will give you the warm analog feel that you are looking for.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of our gear, please just .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)., as he is always ready to delve into the details of our constantly changing studio toys.


Studio Rates:

Every project that comes through our doors is unique, and we will work with you to accomplish your goals. If you are interested in booking our studio to make your next record, film your next music video, or anything you think we may be able to help you do, please contact us by shooting us an email.

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